Sunday, April 19, 2009

Something New...

April 17, 2009

I am starting this blog in one of my favorite places, a café. What better place to begin a blog called “The Perfect Pour”?

First, I’ll start with explaining the name. For coffee lovers, the perfect pour is a cup of coffee that is strong and rich, bold enough to let you know it’s coffee, but smooth to let you know it’s fresh. Just the aroma of it pulls you in and tells you if it’s going to be good or not. If you top it off with cream, it’s a rich golden brown, not a dingy gray. For an espresso drinker, it’s the shot of espresso that is pulled just right, never run too long and has a beautiful caramel layer of crema topping the rich espresso. There is an art to the “perfect pour”, it does not happen randomly, but thought and experience make it a more enjoyable cup. If it is made by someone who shares your love of the drink, I believe you’ll have a better chance of getting that “perfect pour”.

My subtitle is “Where Creative Expressions Flow” hope for these writings is to blend these two ideas together - stories that are rich, bold enough that you know it’s me telling the story, but smooth enough to make it enjoyable to consume. They will be backed by much thought and the experience of a life well lived.

I love life and I love the written word. So, I combine the two in this new endeavor. There will be some stories, some poetry, pictures and perhaps some of one of my other (If you choose to keep reading, you’ll find I have a lot of loves) So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or perhaps a nice cabernet) and enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. I love those who love life
    Especially if she is my wife

    It will be a blast to follow you
    as I know you are always so true

    Keep up the writing and expression
    For the flow from you is from heaven

    Direct from the throne room above
    Lifting us all who read in love