Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm Baaaaaaccckkkkkk!

Good morning Monday!  

It's the middle of November, and that means just a few more weeks until we begin a new year.  I am feeling creative.  Plus it happens to be my birthday month, so I am feeling particularly inspired.  As each year passes I realize that the time ahead is most likely less than the time behind and I once again put my mind to getting things accomplished that are on my heart.  

Another inspiration came from my dear friend and former Pastor, Daniel.  He and his wife Connie were here last week for a visit.  As we sat around the table after enjoying a meal and solving the problems of the world on our terms, he says something that struck me: “People just need to get off their ass.”  And it is true; so many things could be solved and accomplished if we would do just that.  So, my saying for 2016 is “Get Off Your Ass”.  FYI to my fellow staffers at RVC- this will replace my 2015 mantra of “Grow a Pair”.   And let me be clear, I am saying these words first and foremost to myself.  It's the reason I am writing today.  

The past couple years I’ve been very distracted from writing by the mundane, yet necessary things of life.  There is shopping to do, meals to plan, church responsibilities and of course those chores - I could write OR I could put one more load of wash going, or clean out that cupboard, empty the dishwasher, etc.  By then its time to think of dinner.  I do this to myself, for sure.  These chores of life have never been my favorite thing, so its best that I don’t get too far behind on them.  Oh and lets not forget the very important FB posts and the multitude of emails that arrive. But this coming year I will find the balance and realize that there is some wisdom in the Nike saying of “Just Do It”.

As I mentioned, its almost the end of the year 2015.  Those of you who know me, know that seasons are a big thing for me.  Not just the four seasons of the year, but seasons in life as well - people coming into your life, going out of your life, changing jobs, the start/end of a new year, moves, new things - they are all a part of what I look at as “seasons”.  They are times in our life, sometimes short, sometimes long, but one thing that is sure is that there will be change associated with these seasons.  So it being my birthday month and close to the end of the year, I have started my annual look back at what has happened this year and where it has taken me.  Have I accomplished what I set out to do?  What new adventures will the new year bring?  Questions, questions.

2015 was supposed to bring more writing for me - more blog posts, more poetry and hopefully attending lots of spoken word events.  Welllllll, as I look at the date on my last blog entry as 2014, that is something I missed the mark on!  Not many spoken word events either - however I did do some pieces at my husband’s 50th birthday celebration we had back home in Indiana in May.  My BFFs Pam Blair (
phenomenal poet and singer) and Janet Norris (phenomenal singer), along with the finest piano player on this earth Jua Coates and guitarist extraordinaire Bob Funkhouser, performed as well and it was like a fantastic open mic.  I was so happy to be back in the saddle again with my creative crew I was giddy inside.  FYI:  Bill won’t actually turn 50 till next month, so it was really a “pre” birthday celebration.  Also, I got a few opportunities to share some poetry with my church family during services and at our home group.  My pastor even commissioned a piece to go along with something he was preaching on.  Hmmm...better than I thought.

I do continue to write though, just not as much as I had planned.  No regrets here - when I set goals for a year, they are just that, a goal.  If I miss the mark, well I will just try again.  And so I shall for 2016.

There is more to tell, but I am going to make this one short.  2015 has been a great year - actually, all the years of my life have been great as I look back, because they have all brought me to where I am now.  Some years were more of a struggle than others and 2015 did have some struggles.  But, I got through and am living to tell of it.

Its good to be back my friends.  Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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