Saturday, June 18, 2011

Long Road...

I wrote this piece while contemplating how quickly things can change our lives, especially a heartbreak.  One moment all is well and with just a few words, knowledge comes your way that changes everything.  Its at those times you just hope you can feel peace again.

Long Road

The storm that came through is one that rips hearts
It breaks your dreams and upsets your carts

I feel whipped and winded, dazed and confused
It came like a tornado and ripped me in two

It’s a long road back to the calm after the storm
Walking through debris that can cause great harm

Feelings, heartaches, pain strewn about
Seeing it all before me makes me want to shout

Shout to the heavens, cry aloud
Scream at the destruction that is all around

People have been wounded and lives re-arranged
Foundations have crumbled and everything is changed

The pain of it all seems too much to bear
The reality of it just seems so unfair

I look for my center, the peace and the quiet
But all I see are the remains of a riot

My world has been demolished by a raging fire
And there is no trace of the peace I desire

Where did it all go and can I get it back?
Why couldn’t I defend against this destructive attack?

Like most storms there was no way to control it
It came and went in what seemed just a moment

But the power it carried was considerable
The damage it left behind is miserable

It’s a long road back to the calm after the storm
Searching for the way that will bring me home

©Sue Barnard  8/2010