Saturday, January 15, 2011


As we head into this new year I contemplated change.  I have always been a pretty "adaptable" person and count it as one of my strengths that I can accept and even thrive when faced with change.

In this new year I find myself anticipating great change.  I am actually excited at the idea of changes happening in my life and those around me.  I am not sure what those changes will be, but I sense they will be positive.

My contemplation brought about this poem.  I hope it inspires you to embrace the changes you face in your life.


I am passing from one state to another
My form is being transformed, modified and altered

Things will not be as they are now
Nor will they be as they were yesterday

Life is changing

The future course will be different because it will not be left alone
Life is not about leaving things alone

My life is not a protected “eco system” that needs to remain in an uninterrupted state to flourish
No, PLEASE – interrupt my life as it is what keeps me alive

My environment grows from change and the constant flow of activity
My spirit is renewed at the prospect of something unknown being introduced

The challenge of change becomes my victory
There is security in knowing “I can change”

The change of faces in my life no longer saddens me
But is now a spring board to what lies ahead

I am changing

We can fight change and be stagnant
Or we can choose to change and expand

Go with the flow

As we embrace change we remain curious
We look forward to new things in our lives

We don’t fear what lies ahead
But we are excited at the possibilities

Change is coming
Change is here
Change is constant
Change is necessary

Welcome Change

© Sue Barnard


  1. Change is hard, but you make it sound so good. Thank you sweetie and keep up the poems and writings. We all appreciate them so much (even those who don't comment).

  2. Hey, where's my comment that I posted earlier?!?!