Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Days of Summer...

Door County, Wisconsin

We are still in the days of least that’s what the calendar tells me, and I choose to believe it. Even though the leaves are beginning to fall, the walnut tree is dropping its fruit and the chilly mornings make me wear a jacket when I sit out on the patio...I choose to say summer. There have been a lot of complaints about our Indiana summer this year...too cold, too much rain. Those things are true. But as a life long Indiana resident, anything that is not snow is good and helps me get through. So, I am trying to focus on the positive about the weather right now.

The sun is shining, the grass is green, my flowers are blooming and it is warm enough to sit outside. The falling leaves actually look peaceful as they drift to the ground with the cool breezes of these last summer days. The squirrels are fat and furiously trying to get more to store for the winter. The Magnolia tree is heavy with its huge seed pods and hangs low in the branches. My herb garden is still bearing it’s fragrant leaves for me to pluck and add to dishes. Some of my flowers that did not do much this year are just now beginning to bloom as if to say “Hey, look at’s still summer!” My tomatoes did not yield very well this season, but they are still coming and we have had a few batches of salsa from them.

Magnolia Pod.....................................Herbs

Can you see what I am doing here? Focusing on the good things...because I know that snow is coming!

It’s been a good summer for me. I’ve traveled to New York City with Shay and her family to see Anna. Bill and I have been to Door County in Wisconsin, Grand Haven and Douglas in Michigan, Coeur d’Alene in Idaho and Deer Lake in Washington. One of the highlights for me was when a dear friend traveled 5 hours to come see us while we were in Washington. All the travel makes me smile because years and years ago God told me I would be traveling. Well, with great expectation I went right out and bought a suitcase! Do you know that everybody and their brother used it before I did? I thought “What’s up God?” Good things come to those who wait.

I’ve been to several open mic events and got to perform lots of poetry and essays, as well as heard a lot of great work from other artists. It has encouraged me to see whats going on in our region with the arts. More than what most people know about for sure.

We added two members to our family - Isabella and Blue - our new kitties. Our hearts were heavy after losing our longtime cats Molly and Toby, and nothing ever “replaces” things lost. But we thank God that we were ready to open our hearts again to pets. They bring much joy to us and its good to hear the scampering of clawed feet again.

Isabella and Blue

I have had some struggles...some things are just the vicissitudes of life, but some have been more serious. We are still adjusting to not having an “official” church home. I am still figuring out what church really means and trying my best to walk out what is in my heart. My asthma acted up more than usual before summer ever really began. That was hard because it put me on lock down for much outdoor activity...which is no fun in the summer.

Bill and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary...and many said it would never last! We had some that were opposed to our joining and let us know about it. But we weren’t scared and moved forward with openness and faith. We overcame the haters and our marriage and love have prospered greatly. In fact, some of those most opposed have turned into our biggest supporters. It’s one of the reasons I am so vocal in my disdain when my people aren’t up front with their stuff...if it’s of God then be out there with it; no reservations as in “If God is for us, who can be against us?” If its not of God, then confess it and get whole! Don’t get me started...

Birthdays were celebrated, my dining room got painted (thanks Shay), new chandeliers hung and plans for more improvements birthed. One season may be ending, but the promise of another hangs in the air and with it comes change. Change can be good or bad - we hold the key to which one it will be.

New York

Door County, Wisconsin................. Brown Eyed Susan

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Birthday Celebration................................. Open Mic

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  1. Nice way to sum things up. You are Blessed! Hey can I have a copy of the Lenet picture?